According to the Advanced Trauma Life Support (as published by the American College of Surgeons), a patient experiencing a Class 3 Hemorrhage injury will sustain a pulse rate exceeding 120 BPM. Under these conditions, the patient will be losing approximately 1.2 liter of blood per minute – or – .2 liters every 10 seconds.  Hemorrhaging at this pace will result in:

  • Class 2 Shock occurs after 40 seconds of blood loss.
  • Class 3 shock occurs after 80 seconds of blood loss.
  • After 90 seconds of a Class 3 Hemorrhage, the patient will begin to lose fine motor control and the ability to process complex decisions.

At. 2.1 seconds to attain femoral artery occlusion, the SAVE TOURNIQUET requires 1/10th the time to apply under the stress of patient care. More importantly, the blood loss associated with the SAVE TOURNIQUET is 210 cc’s compared to 2500 cc’s of blood loss by the windlass tourniquet.