Speed, Control, and Targeted Compression - Without Complexity

The patented SAVE TOURNIQUET was a product of four years of human factor research, and the expertise of a trauma surgeon and sports medicine internist. The SAVE TOURNIQUET is elegantly simple, consisting of a ballistic nylon strap, a refined buckle based upon the car seat buckle, a pressure that targets and speeds up compression, and a reel that can single-handedly occlude blood flow in 3 turns or less. The goal was to engineer a tourniquet that was immediately intuitive, could provide speed, targeted compression and could be applied with gross motor skills that are already ingrained into procedural memory (such as push, turn and pull maneuvers).


Speed in Application

Speed in applying a tourniquet is a product of reasoned and engineered design principles.  These principles not only include the use of enhanced technology, but also selecting technology that is used daily as part of our culture.  Adoption of this design model taps into procedural memory, the part of the brain that does not require conscious brain oversight.

Targeted Compression

For these reasons the SAVE TOURNIQUET introduces the pressure ridge, a key feature that targets the compression on the vascular bodies, which simultaneously speeds occlusion. The pressure ridge also keeps the tourniquet from sliding along an affected limb

Simple Buckle Snap

The buckle snap allows the patient or an EMS professional the ability to wrap the strap around the leg or arm, snap the buckle lock and pull the strap tight as one does on an airplane seat.  This design all but eliminates the need to weave or lace a strap through the intricacies of a buckle.