Introducing the SAVE TOURNIQUET

Engineered to attain femoral artery occlusion in 2.1 seconds.

The goal was to engineer a tourniquet that was immediately intuitive; to provide speed, targeted compression and could be applied with gross motor skills that are already ingrained into procedural memory (such as push, turn and pull maneuvers). In other words;

Speed, Control and Target Compression - Without Complexity

At 2.1 seconds to attain femoral artery occlusion, the SAVE Tourniquet requires 1/10th the time to apply under the stress of patient care. More importantly, the blood loss associated with the SAVE Tourniquet is 210 cc’s compared to 2500 cc’s of blood loss by the windlass tourniquet.

In Q1 2019, the SAVE Tourniquet will be returning to the market with a couple of new features. Stay tuned.